Kursi Road, Barabanki, Uttar PradeshEmail: [email protected]

Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh

Designation: Principal
Qualification: ME, Master of Engineering (Electrical)
Experience: 25 Years
Email: [email protected]
Ph No: 9415581024

Dr. Ombir Singh

Designation: Lecturer, English

Mr Mohd. Tariq

Designation: Lecturer, Civil Engineering
Subjects: Related to Civil Engineering
Experience: 30 years
Email Id: [email protected]

Mr. Anurag Rawat

Designation: Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Qualification: M.Tech (Manufacturing & Automation)
Email: [email protected]
Subjects Taught: Mechanics of Solid, Strength of Materials, Applied Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Heat and Mass Transfer

Mrs Shilpi Mishra
Designation: Lecture (Mechanical Engineering)
Qualification: M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering-CIM)
Email: [email protected]
Experience: 5 years Industrial Experience and 9 years teaching experience in Government Polytechnic

Mrs Richa Pathak
Designation: Lecturer, Mathematics
Qualification: M.Sc, B.ed (Math)
Subjects Taught: Applied Maths-I
Applied Maths-II
Applied Maths-III
Email ID: [email protected]

Mr. Devendra Kumar Mishra

Designation: Lecturer Physics
Qualification: M.Sc, B.Ed
Experience: 06 Years and 07 Months
Subjects taught: Applied Physics I, Applied Physics II
Email: [email protected]

Mrs. Rekha Chandola

Department : Mechanical Engineering
Qualification : B.Tech, M-Tech
Experience : 11 years
Email id: [email protected]
Subject Taught: Applied Mechanics, Hydraulics, Manufacturing Processes, Production Technology, Natural and material sci, Basics of mechanical & Civil Engineering CAD

Mrs. Preeti Shah

Designation: Lecturer, Chemistry

Mrs. Leena Choudhary

Designation: Lecturer, Computer
Qualification: M.Tech
Experience: 4 Years Government + 9 Year private
Email ID: [email protected]
Subject Taught: Basics of Information Technology, Introduction to Computer

Mr. Mohd Suhail

Designation: Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Sudhakar

Designation: Lecturer, Electronics Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering), Pursuing M.Tech (Electronics circuit & system)-part time
Experience: 3 year 02 month 0 days (as on 29-11-2019)
Subject Taught: Digital Electronics Analog Electronics
Renewable source of Engineering

Mr. Satyendra Pratap

Designation: Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Email ID: [email protected]
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
Qualification: M. Tech (Thermal System Design)
Experience: 1.5 Years
Subject Taught: Hydraulics, Hydraulics & Hydroulics Machines, CNG Technology & Programining, IME

Mr. Vinay Kumar

Designation: Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta

Designation: Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech(Mechanical Engineering)
Experience: 03 yrs in Military Engineering Services as a JE (E/M) & 02 yrs Teaching in Private sector and 1 yrs in Govt Sector
Subject Taught: Theory of Machine, Machine and tool technology

Mrs. Shubha Srivastava

Designation: Workshop Superintendent
Qualification: Ph.D (Pursuing), MBA (Marketing & HR), PGDBA (Operations), B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Experience: 9+ Years (Industrial 6 Years 7 Months + Academics 2 Years 8 Months)
Subject: Workshop Technology, Workshop Technology Lab, Mechanical Workshop Lab)
Email: [email protected]

Miss Chhaya Pal

Designation: Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech
Subject Taught: Electrical Machines, Switch Gear and Protection
Email: [email protected]

Mrs. Pankhuri Kishore

Designation: Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Experience: 7 years (private institute)
Subjects Taught: Power System, Measurement, Environment
Email id: [email protected]

Mrs Lekha Nain Saxena
Designation -Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Branch -Electrical Engineering
Qualification- B.Tech , M.Tech
Subject - Electrical Machines, Transmission snd Distribution of Power system ,Universal human values
Email [email protected]

Mrs. Ankita Naik

Designation: Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Qualification: M.Tech (Power Electronics and Drives)
Experience: 1.6 years government and 7 Years private .
Subject Taught: Electrical instrumentation and measurement ,Renewable sources of energy, IMRE.
Email ID: [email protected]

Mr. Ashish Pani Vimal

Designation: Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Qualification: M.Tech (Power system from.IIT(ISM)DHANBAD
Experience: 1.5 years government and 3 Years private .
Email ID: [email protected]

Ashwani Bhaskar
Designation: Lecturer Civil Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech ,M.Tech
Subjects Taught: Quantity Surveying and Valuation, Software Application in Civil engineering, General Engineering, General Engineering Lab.

Email ID:[email protected]

Ms. Shilpi Singh Rajpoot
Designation: Lecturer Civil Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech

Pramod Kumar
Designation: Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
Qualification: M.Tech
Subjects Taught: Machine Design, Mechanics of Solid, Engineering Drawing II, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

Email ID:[email protected]

Aleem Aijaz
Designation: Lecturer Civil Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech
Subjects Taught: Design of Steel Structure, Basic of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Computer Aided Design.

Email ID:[email protected]

Mrs. Kalpana Patel
Designation: Lecturer Civil Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech ,M.Tech
Subjects Taught: Irrigation Engineering, Reinforced cement concrete, Reinforced cement concrete drawing, Steel drawing.
[email protected]

Miss Himanshi Verma
Designation: Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech ,M.Tech
Subjects Taught: Electrical Design Drawing Estimation-2, Basic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Email ID: [email protected]

Amit Kumar Mishra
Designation: Lecturer Electrical Engineering
Qualification: B.Tech
Subjects Taught: Utilization of Electrical Energy, Energy Conservation.

Email ID:[email protected]
Mr. Prem Shankar Shukla

Designation: Workshop Instructor
Mr Mohd Shadab Khan

Designation: Sr Assitant

Mrs. Annapurna Vaish

Designation: Librarian
Qualification: MA, M.Lib
Experience: 15 Years (Government)
Email: [email protected]
Mr Ravi Prabhakar

Designation: Jr Assistant

Students are admitted in diploma courses through State level Joint entrance examination. Admission forms are available in the month of December / January every year at all recognized polytechnics in UP. In part time diploma courses , students are admitted through institute level competition.

Entry qualification for Courses at Sl. No. 1 to 3 is High School Pass at

The courses are approved by the state Board of Technical Education, U.P. Lucknow (BTE) as well as by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi (AICTE) . Diploma is awarded by BTE, Lucknow

Minimum required age is 14 years on 30th June but there is no upper limit for all regular diploma.

21% seats for schedule cast, 2% seats for scheduled tribes, 27% seats for OBC candidates are reserved. 2% seats for freedom fighters, 5% seats for dependents military persons 3% seats for physically handicapped and 20% seats for women are horizontally reserved as per State Government rules.

Scholarship is admissible to the Scheduled cast / Tribes, OBC candidates and General candidate as per Government rules.